Permaculture Design Certificate PDC course day 1

Kendall Permaculture Some of the PDC course students at dinner Today was the first day of our September PDC (Permaculture Design Certificate) course here at Maungaraeeda. We have another great group of people here and everyone is getting to know each other. As we are incorporating practical experiences as well, the days are very long. … More Permaculture Design Certificate PDC course day 1

Cassava Cookup

Kendall Permaculture Needing to extend the garlic and potato  planting area I had to reshape one more garden bed. This bed has been growing some cassava plants and they were possibly getting close to harvest. So I pulled up four plants and they had a nice crop of tubers. (Next week I will dig up … More Cassava Cookup

Mulch in Abundance

Kendall Permaculture We use a lot of mulch on our property to take advantage of the many benefits that mulch provides. The mulch we use is grass (that I now cut with the scythe) that grows in areas around the property that doesn’t get grazed and also on the road verge for maintenance so the … More Mulch in Abundance