Why we do things the “hard way”

Kendall Permaculture

During the past year or so I have frequently wondered why we do things the hard way. Surely it is a lot easier to get a 9-5 job, drive a nice car, have a nice house, buy all our food and just live a “normal” life? Okay, so that would most likely mean mortgage, car loan and credit cards, but everyone else does it, why not us? It is an attractive proposition for someone struggling to make ends meet whilst living the Permaculture Dream. I totally understand why we warn our students about “Permaculture Divorce”, and I am sure a great number of people have decided to pull the pin on this grassroots living thing after doing it for a few years.

When I grew up my parents wanted me to have everything that they did not. Having lived through World War II, they wanted my belly to always be full and…

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