Mulch in Abundance

Kendall Permaculture

We use a lot of mulch on our property to take advantage of the many benefits that mulch provides. The mulch we use is grass (that I now cut with the scythe) that grows in areas around the property that doesn’t get grazed and also on the road verge for maintenance so the council doesn’t spray chemicals.

Tom Kendall cuts the road verge grass to avoid council chemical use and harvest mulch at Maungaraeeda. Collecting the road verge mulch. ( this was cut with the neighbors mower before we got the scythe)

One of the terms you hear in permaculture circles is “abundance”. At times we might comment “yeh right, wheres my share of abundance” but then all of a sudden you will find you are getting a more than expected supply of a resource. This has happened with the mulch. In hindsight I am getting much more material than before and this is great because each year we have several lean months of mulch due to…

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