Cassava Cookup

Kendall Permaculture

Needing to extend the garlic and potato  planting area I had to reshape one more garden bed. This bed has been growing some cassava plants and they were possibly getting close to harvest. So I pulled up four plants and they had a nice crop of tubers. (Next week I will dig up some more and get a photo for you-yeh I forgot). There was about 4-5 kilograms, which isn’t a big yield but I have had worse. The location is a bit shaded and I think a bit more sun would have helped.

Cassava needs to be cooked to remove a toxin (cyanide) before you can eat it. With the cooling of the weather as we head towards winter the bio-digester is producing less gas. I had hoped to attach a solar water heater by now, maybe soon. To cook up the cassava needed a bit of energy so…

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