Permaculture Research Institute Sunshine Coast Inc.

The Permaculture Research Institute Sunshine Coast Inc. is a not for profit organisation running permaculture courses, training and workshops and promoting education and research in Permaculture, Sustainability and Self Sufficiency

The Permaculture Research Institute Sunshine Coast Inc. is an Incorporated Not for Profit Organisation founded to further education in Permaculture, Sustainability and Self Sufficiency.

PRI Sunshine Coast Inc. re-empowers people by providing training in permaculture, sustainability and self sufficiency at the Permaculture Demonstration Site and Education Centre “Maungaraeeda” (“place of food” in the local Aboriginal language). Maungaraeeda is a self sufficient Permaculture Designed property and is owned and run by Zaia and Tom Kendall in the Noosa Hinterland village of Kin Kin on the sub tropical Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. The beautiful Noosa Shire is a United Nations accredited Biosphere area and has an amazing diversity of Flora and Fauna, with the Kin Kin Valley being especially diverse. Training and courses are taught by Zaia and Tom Kendall (see also, who have been training people in Permaculture at Maungaraeeda for over 13 years and have a combined permaculture experience of over 25 years. Tom is a Permaculture Research Institute Australia (PRI) accredited teacher and an international Permaculture consultant.


Experience practical Self Sufficiency on a Permaculture Farm

Tom and Zaia are closing the input/output loop on their Permaculture demonstration site and are able to provide most of their daily needs onsite. Students, trainees and volunteers will participate in daily routines that are part of the Permaculture experience so they can learn some of what it takes to be self sufficient; even the theoretical PDC course has a large practical component at Maungaraeeda. Some of the Permaculture systems available at Maungaraeeda:


Animal systems: chickens, cows, ducks, goats, dogs, cats

Cooking fuel systems: rockets stoves and biogas (methane from cow manure)

Food forestry

Kitchen Gardens

Compost turning during a Permaculture Design Certificate course
Variety of composting systems (inc. composting toilets)

Water management systems (dams, swales, rainwater harvest & distribution etc)

Soil Management

Animal Food growing systems


Natural local building materials

Real people practising real permaculture
Zaia and Tom Kendall, simple folk living simply and self sufficiently

Garden Harvest from our Permaculture Farm Maungaraeeda
Systems to minimise outside input and/or using locally available materials
and much more!

Visit Tom and Zaia’s website here to see what happens at Maungaraeeda.