Tom Kendall and Geoff Lawton co teach at the Permaculture Research Institute Australia's July PDC

PRI Sunshine Coast update

First, my sincere apologies for not being more regular with posting updates this year. Things have gotten really busy at PRI Sunshine Coast, so it has been hard to find the time. Tom and I are currently at Zaytuna farm, where Tom is co-teaching a Permaculture Design Certificate with Geoff Lawton, I am now sitting in the sun after a very cold night in our camper, and have some time to write an update.  Continue reading

A look into the food forest at PRI Sunshine Coast.

Property tour June 2014

Geoff Lawton teaching at PRI Sunshine Coast

PRI Master Plan sites

We just finished another PDC here at Maungaraeeda. Everyone was very happy with the course, the food, the people and the experience! (see student feedback page) We had a big surprise for the students in our course, when Geoff Lawton came here and taught the first two days. Geoff, Nadia and the gorgeous Latifah kindly came to Maungaraeeda to lend their support to our growing organisation, as we are a PRI Master Plan site. Continue reading

Flooding events are becoming more frequent

Onwards in 2014

As reports come in about record cold weather in the USA and Australia just experienced record heat in our state of Queensland, where apparently native bees have died and bats and flying foxes have fallen from the sky due to heatstroke, we at the Permaculture Research Institute Sunshine Coast are preparing for another busy year educating people to prepare for what may be coming.  Continue reading

PRI Sunshine Coast wishes everyone a bountiful 2014!

Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2014

We would like to thank everyone for their support during the past few years. In the new year we hope to continue to offer Permaculture and Self Reliance courses to people all over the world, and to meet more wonderful volunteers who are just as keen to learn!

We have been very blessed in 2013 with many wonderful students and volunteers and we look forward to meeting many more in 2014! Our office is now closed until Monday 6th January 2014. We still take course bookings and respond to enquiries during this time, please book through this website or by emailing your booking or enquiry to info [at] (replace [at] with @ in the email address).

We wish everyone a peaceful, joyful and happy Christmas with family and friends, and a wonderful, fruitful and bountiful 2014!

See you again in 2014!

Tom and Zaia

©2013 Permaculture Research Institute Sunshine Coast – Christmas and new years wishes