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Private garden greywater system in Vanuatu

Permaculture course in Vanuatu

As part of teaching a Permaculture course for the Adventist Development and Relief Agency, Tom went to a small village on the island of Malakula in Vanuatu, and found greywater systems and under- and overstory growing methods for cacao and coconut.

The Permaculture kitchen garden is getting new plants.

Permaculture Life Skills Internships

Interns will learn all aspects of living and working on a permaculture farm and will learn methods and design applicable to everyday farm situations. They will be fully involved in all farm activities. There will be no “lecture room” experiences in the internship because all learning will be […]

Flooding events are becoming more frequent

Prepared for disaster

Disaster is a word that strikes fear into most people. We usually believe disaster is out of our control. The actual happening of the disaster may be out of our control, but how we deal with it and how we come out the other end, is fully in […]


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