Kitchen garden in winter flush

Maungaraeeda Permaculture Demonstration site: property update

With Tom away teaching a PDC in Vanuatu, lots of jobs are being industriously done by our wwoofers and volunteers. We have made a rocket stove for the chill space to be warm in winter, the food forest had a small “chop and drop” done, and twice a week we make cream. We get around 2 litres of cream a week, one litre we make butter with, the other litre we enjoy with various yummy dishes! I have taken some pictures to show some of the jobs done here on site, and also how lovely everything is starting to look this time of year, with the winter flush starting!  Continue reading

Worms are added to the box in their castings, on top of the scraps.

Permaculture Urban: a simple worm farm

2 polystyrene boxes make a compact worm farm for urban use

Top box with worms and worm casting, bottom box with worm liquid.

If you want to start growing your own food using Permaculture, soil would be a great place to start. A lot of people in urban areas do not have access to soil, so they would need to buy or make their own. Making your own is very satisfying, and a quick and easy way to start is to make a worm farm.  Continue reading

The first design for our Urban Permaculture site

Sunshine Coast Permaculture Urban: the beginning

We have a space on our demonstration site which is currently used as teaching space, but which is to be our home in the future. This space has a small (fenced off) area around it, which makes it ideal to become an Urban Demonstration site. The building is ideally located, north facing and solar passively designed by Tom. I have drawn up a design for this Urban space, which needed to be part of the greater design for the property, but will also eventually be a fully self contained Urban Demonstration site.  Continue reading

Tom leaving to teach a Permaculture Design Certificate in Vanuatu.

Tom to teach a Permaculture Design Certificate course in Vanuatu!

After unfortunately having to cancel our PDC course here in Australia, we were fortunate that Tom was asked to teach a Permaculture Design Certificate course in Vanuatu. ADRA, the Adventist Development and Relief Agency, has several projects in Vanuatu with people who need Permaculture training.  Continue reading