Getting prepared for the upcoming Earthworks Course

Removing trees to prepare for the Earthworks course, and testing the soil

As part of the Earthworks course which runs from Monday 24 to Friday 28 September, we are preparing the area for a dam. Students will learn how to determine a site for a dam and how to plan interconnecting dams and swales, how to survey the land in order to allocate dams and swales in the correct locations and will then be involved in the digging of the dam and the planting out of the dam with appropriate species in order to prevent erosion.  Continue reading

Building community through music

Kkarimba at Lake MacDonald amphitheatre

7 Years ago I was lucky enough to be asked whether I wanted to learn how to play a marimba with other members of the community. The marimba is a diatonic xylophone style instrument with wooden keys and piped resonators. I liked playing other percussion instruments, and because it was close by and part of a community initiative (organised by a friend of mine) I jumped at the chance.   Continue reading

Coming up on Monday: Self Reliance course

Learn how to fence a paddock to keep animals in or out…

As part of our 10 week Permaculture Life Skills Internship, but also open to external students (people not undertaking the Internship), we will be starting a 5 day Self Reliance course this coming Monday (10th September).   Continue reading