Bamboo house in Vanuatu

Permaculture in Vanuatu

We were invited to come to Vanuatu in August, to go to 2 small villages and conduct workshops, do a consult on a property and to talk to government and NGO officials in relation to setting up an ongoing Permaculture project in Vanuatu. Continue reading

Private garden greywater system in Vanuatu

Permaculture course in Vanuatu

Tom has come back from Vanuatu with lots of photos and stories to tell! He taught a class of 10 local students, who took the Permaculture Design information back to their villages and projects, to put it into place there. Reports have come back from Vanuatu since the course, that most students are doing great and have started to implement their Permaculture knowledge!

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Coming up on Monday: Self Reliance course

Learn how to fence a paddock to keep animals in or out…

As part of our 10 week Permaculture Life Skills Internship, but also open to external students (people not undertaking the Internship), we will be starting a 5 day Self Reliance course this coming Monday (10th September).   Continue reading

Building the permaculture way: self reliant for most building components

Permaculture Life Skills Internship Curriculum

Introduction to Permaculture courseIt is with great pleasure that we announce our internship curriculum! We feel that we have included the most important subjects that people need to know in order to start living sustainably and more self reliant. We are very excited about having two wonderful teachers coming to teach two of our specialist courses, these courses are also accessible for non-interns. Interns will need a PDC to do the internship, people just attending our specialist courses do not need to have a PDC.

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