Soup bones used for a hearty beef and veg soup, a recipe from the Permaculture Garden

Them Bones

Hearty beef and veg soup, a winter treasure!

Soup bones are a wonderful and cheap way to make a wholesome winter meal. Our soup bones are from our own cows, but I believe they are not that expensive at the butcher’s. I added some chopped up beef to this recipe as well, to further “beef up” the soup, as it were…

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The new learning space at the Permaculture Research Institute Sunshine Coast

Upcoming Permaculture Design Certificate course on the 19th August

Turning the 18 day hot compost during the PDC course

Our next PDC is coming up, starting on Sunday 19 August and finishing on Friday 31 August. We are very excited about the changes we will have made to our property by then, to increase the comfort of our students.

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