End of the 12 day Permaculture Design Certificate course, during which an 18 day compost was started.

Permaculture Design Certificate course 20 May 2012

In the teaching space

Our largest course to date, we had the privilege of having 12 wonderful people stay and learn about Permaculture with us. Most arrived the Saturday afternoon prior to the course start, so they could set up camp and get acquainted with their surroundings and their temporary home for 2 weeks.  Continue reading

Self reliance: Gluten Free Sour Dough Bread

Gluten Free Sour Dough Bread

A fresh Gluten Free loaf

Although we try to steer away from eating  grains because they are hard to grow in sufficient quantities yourself without resorting to monoculture, we do enjoy having some bread. Unfortunately, with grain allergies and gluten sensitivities in the family, we cannot consume wheat, oats, spelt and other glutenous grains. So we make our own gluten free sour dough. Continue reading

Permaculture swale improvements by rockwall, result in improved garden beds with better edging.

Swale and garden bed improvements

Our wwoofers beginning the swale rockwall

To further improve our kitchen garden swales, we have rockwalled a number of them. This stops erosion of the garden beds, since soil falls or is washed down into the swales. It also creates a beautiful frog and lizard habitat, and levels the garden bed, instead of having it on a slope.

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Homemade sausage spice mixes, self reliance

Sausage spice mixes

Sausages may contain gluten via fillers or bin...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We make our spice mixes without adding fillers like flour. This makes the sausage pure meat with flavour added. People can have digestive issues combining carbohydrates and protein, hence we did not add any flour. It does mean that you get less sausages than you would if flour is added, because that bulks it up. But we really enjoy our sausages and do not miss the added flour at all! These amounts are to mix into 10 kilos of mince for sausage making.  Continue reading