Pointing the finger: take responsibility for yourself and get out of the consumer cycle.

Personal responsibility and causes for consumerism

From a very early age in modern society we are taught that we are not responsible for things that happen to us. In kindergarten and day care facilities, and even in parks playgrounds have to have a bouncy soft floor to minimise injury. The equipment has to have certain size restrictions and everything is made to ensure the kids can play without hurting themselves. Tree climbing is now forbidden.  Continue reading

The Permaculture Research Institute Sunshine Coast logo

Permaculture Research Institute Sunshine Coast

We, Tom and Zaia Kendall of Permaculture Kin Kin Souls, were recently invited by Geoff and Nadia Lawton to be a satellite of the Permaculture Research Institute on the Sunshine Coast. We jumped at the opportunity, since it gives us the possibility of integrating with the “mother” organisation, keeping things like PDC certificates consistent and supporting the great work that the Permaculture Research Institute is doing. Tom has been approved as a PRI accredited teacher and is now able to give out Permaculture Research Institute certificates to PDC graduates.

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Our permaculture garden, a haven for pollinators, and our supermarket!

The time for change is now!

I would like to start off by saying how much I love Australia. The people are great, there is a lot of opportunity here for everyone and we have a lot of space and an enormous amount of wealth. Unfortunately, this also means that people become complacent. I was born and grew up in Europe and still have family living there. Things are tough in Europe at the moment. Pensions are or will in the near future be cut, people have trouble meeting their expenses (and there are a lot of those in Europe…) and there is a lot of unrest everywhere due to financial instability. Things have started to go downhill in Europe ever since the big crash in 2008, and things are not looking up. No politician wants to say it, but Europe has been in a recession for the past few years, if not in a depression. In the mean time, those wonderful European bankers try plugging every financial hole with a bigger one. Truth is, there is no money, and the sooner people face that fact, the smaller the next crash will be. As it is now, the wool is being pulled over people’s eyes by financial institutions slowing the crash down with money that doesn’t exist. So where does that leave us? Let’s look at what else is happening at the moment. Continue reading

Water management with a permaculture swale

Catching and directing water with a swale

I am sometimes unsure why the Sunshine Coast is called that, when we can get such massive rains. Last week we had around 350mm in 30 hours. This came following a heavy rain in the week before and continuing rain during that week, so the ground was absolutely saturated! The reason I am only posting this article now, is because our phone line was washed away and we were without phone or internet for about a week…

On Monday morning, after a night of heavy rain, we went and checked the swale and the dam. Tom made our big swale an overflow of our dam, to ensure excess water was directed away from our house, animal pens, driveway and access roads.

Our dam is to the right, this is the overflow going over an access road

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