Establishing a permaculture food forest by using animals and plants as biological resources

Use of Biological Resources in Establishing a Food Forest

Part of our Food Forest.

Tom has been planting out our Food Forest over the past few years. We use a Chook Tractor to prepare the soil, they get rid of the weeds and grass seeds for us, and dig the soil up and fertilize (and they still lay eggs too!!). When the soil is prepared enough we move the chook tractor to another spot in the Food Forest that needs to be prepared.

The Food Forest will supply an enormous amount of food, as well as stopping the need for a lawn mower. Grass can’t grow where other plants grow, thus reducing root competition between unwanted grasses and the fruit and nut trees we want to promote. Tom plants the borders out with Arrowroot, Lemongrass, Citronella Grass and Galangal, to provide buffers from Bush Turkeys and borders for areas the lawnmower still needs to get to. The borders also provide protection from the elements for the fruit and nut trees.

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